4th to 7th July 2018, MTB Stage Race

MTB Trilogy 2018 is in progress

MTB Trilogy 2018 INFO

  • RACE OFFICE opens on Wednesday at 10:00 and finishes at 14:00 in the park in Teplice nad Metuji.
    The map is here: http://www.mtbtrilogy.cz/img/cil/centrum_zavodu2.jpg, or https://mapy.cz/s/1O6ws
  • .
  • ENDURO: You have to pay DEPOSIT 2000 CZK / 80 EURfor SIAC chip in the Race Office. At the same time our type of Enduro timing will be introduced to you. We hope this timing should be more comfortable for you.
  • TRAINING on the track of PROLOGUE is allowed only 10:00 - 14:30, then the track is closed.
  • Please check your PROLOGUE START TIME at:
    http://www.sportchallenge.cz/cz/mtbtrilogy-prolog/startovka-tt. The startlist may be changed before the Prologue.
  • During the Race Office it is likely recomended to register you children for MTB Trilogy KIDS. Additional kids participant will receive their start numbers before their first start on Thursday.
  • GPS TRACKING is compulsory for selected riders and voluntary for others.
  • The long race riders obtain bicycle lamp in the start package. This lamp (or any lamp) is compulsory to use in the Stage 1, where we go through the tunnel.
  • All packages which you carry with you while the stage (esp. gels, bars) has to be marked by your start number. .
  • GPS TRACKING link: https://goo.gl/mihVTn
  • Vraní hory MTB maraton LAST MOMENT

Kupkolo.cz MTB Trilogy is a mountain bike stage race in the Broumovsko region on Czech - Poland border. The race center is in the small town of Teplice nad Metují, surrounded by the largest sandstone area in the Middle Europe (Adršpach-Teplice Rocks).

We love bike - as you can see in our first promotion movie.

At one time the race is taken in two disciplines: MTB Marathon and ENDURO.

The race consists of a prologue and three stages, each has a completely different character and quite challenging profile (both technically and physically).

The track goes through beautiful natore, the stages are characterized by a large number of single trails and only the necessary minimum of road sections. This four-day event is going to prove your limits and bike abilities.

The Best way to get to know MTB Trilogy is taking a part. In case you still hesitate, let's have a look at short movies from last years.

Summer Adventure MTB Trilogy

The race begins by the prologue on the first day's afternoon. The prologue is an MTB timetrail on marked circuit (approx 12km long, winner's time about 1h). Then 3 stages are regular mountain bike marathons. The track has it's Half race (short) and Extreme race (long) variants. The short one is usually to 50 km, the long one about 80 km. The winner's time of the long variant is usually about 4 hours. The Enduro race is a part of the marathon race. The track is the same. Each stage contains 7 or 10 Speed Tests - the most technical, extra ordinary parts. The lowest cumulative time from all sections wins.

The shortest and youngest version of the race is MTB Trilogy KIDS. We prepare 3 stages for the youngsters which will be hels in afternoons (after the main race), so that parents can watch their children and vice versa.

service MTB Trilogy

Bike Servis

the work for racers is free of charge

Experienced and popular bike mechanics are going to fix your bike. Meďoch, Užďa and Kokeš will be at selected locations on the track as well as at the end of each stage in bike village. They work for free, riders only have to pay the material used on their bikes.

Bottles and gels

at feeding stations

Racers are supplied with bike bottles with iont drink at each feed station, so they don't have to stop for refill. But if you need some time, you'll find also: homemade cakes, bread, cheese, sausages, beer, fruits.

Track Marking

we like it clear

The track of the race is marked with arrows of the size A4 (blue background, white arrow) and it is also marked with high-calcium lime lines. This marking has been proven at MTB Trilogy as well as at other stage races marked by our staff.

Refreshment after each Stage

for racers

Each racer is free to have a portion of meal imidiatelly after each stage. So can each rider have regeneration drink.

Time Service

we're using chips

Each racer has an RFID chip integrated in his bib number. We know your finish time and couple of check points. And all results are online immediately. Over and above, Enduro riders have Sportident AIR+ touchless chip at the handlebars.


easy up, speedy down

It's not important how fast do you go uphill, just be back in the finish before winners award. Enduro riders race on speed tests. On the start every Speed test is our stuff to get the start time - only when you're ready. Speed test finish is touchless: ride close to the finish checkpoint and check if you chip beeps and flashes.


to stop muscle pain

To you race package you can add set o massages for every racing day. They will help you better walk, sleep and on the next day race again in the saddle.

Finisher t-shirts

for those who finish all stages

Finally, your friends, coworkers and admirers will immediatelly know that you finished MTB Trilogy. Plus, it'll be cool biking t-shirt.

Sponzors Kupkolo.cz MTB Trilogy

The main sponsor



Organizační tým

Sportchallenge z. s.
Dědinova 1920, 288 02 Nymburk
IČO: 01308238

Technické zajištění

Ing. Jan Kolaja, Ph.D.
Dědinova 1920
288 02 Nymburk
IČO: 75181916
DIČ: CZ8103290998

Spojení na pořadatele

e-mail: info@sportchallenge.cz
Jan Kolaja: 603 88 99 21
Véna Hornych: 608 345 120

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